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Prosperity Through International Exchange

The World Trade Center of Tampa offers an abundance of Programs and Services to educate you, your business, family and to build up your networks on an international scale. 

We encourage you to contact these businesses, so they can help you scale. If you'd like to post your business on here too, contact us for a discussion. 

Coach The World is a training simulator that brings in celebrities from various industries i.e. musicians, motivational speakers, athletes, therapists and others to promote well-being, life lessons and other advice to lead a productive day. 

All coaching is done online, and anyone can sign up to be able to deliver educational and motivational messages.

- Import & Export in Tampa Bay               - Executive Coaching

- Consultative Selling ODIR        - Speaking German, French and Swiss German

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At e-northamerica we help our clients by creating a common language within the customer’s organization. So we are enabling the individual to understand, among other aspects, their own personality. We show them how they like to behave and communicate, and therefore where the motivation factors lies.

The Swiss-made training and Scandinavian assessments help as a result providing the foundation in quality and precision that is required to reach the goals of our customers.

- WTC Successful Consulting IDAR                    - WTC Leadership

- WTC Consultative Selling ODIR                     - WTC Win-win Negotiation


One accreditation - provides access to all tools

At e-stimate, one accreditation provides you access to all profiles and test tools you need for recruitment and development. You get access to both personality tests, team profiles, job match, cultural fit, 360 degree analysis, IQ-tests and workshop materials.

Read more about e-stimates profiles and tools.

Personality test based on evidence

Profiles and test tools provided by e-stimate are research-based but at the same time easy to understand and apply in practice. The reports are conveyed so that you get a quick overview, but without lack of deeper insight. That means, that by using e-stimate profiles- and tools, you have certainty for a high professional level - without compromising on comprehensibility.

- WTC Personality Profiles                     - WTC Certification for e-stimate

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Trade Information Services:


The WTCTB provides up-to-date, reliable and well - assessed data to our members such as:


General Information:  Market conditions, import restrictions, channels of distribution, upcoming tradeshows, trade missions, seminars, etc.


Technical Data:  Details on foreign and local regulations such as customs taxes, laws, insurance, shipping/air cargo rates, labor rates, etc.


Information Resources & Custom Reports:  WTCTB connects you to up to date local and international databases of existing trade resources from which members can extract the most relevant information, as well as, local trade leads from members. General data resources include:                                 

  • The Internet/websites                                       

  • Government agencies, embassies and commercial services           

  • Multi-lateral institutions and banks                       

  • International consulting firms

  • Shippers/freight forwarders

  • Online subscriptions to trade databases (ex. Kompass, Thomas Register, etc)

  • Reciprocity with other WTC operations, which can provide custom research on a fee basis   


Market Specific Data:  Trade statistics, business opportunities, invitations to tender, market surveys and company profile listings including products, personnel, markets, volume of business, industry position, key players, etc.

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