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Meet our team at the World Trade Center Tampa.


Our Team

What the WTC Tampa Bay Does

World Trade Center Tampa Bay is a business network and services organization dedicating to fostering entrepreneurship and opportunity to promote business success small and large, domestic and internationally. We welcome all types of enterprises that wish to expand, create and build up the Tampa Bay region. 

We connect SMEs to experts and business contacts across the globe through our network navigation expertise. Our network consists of real- world professionals involved with international business, recommended and selected based upon the unique needs of our member companies. We act as a hub for commerce throughout Florida through collaboration with the Tampa Bay Port Authority, Port Manatee and other regional organizations building our team of industry experts.


Why the WTC Tampa Bay Exists

"Prosperity through Trade" is our motto. The goal is to build a stronger future for the regional community and State of Florida.  We help our members and prospects collaborate locally, connect strategically and proliferate on a global scale using the WTCA network. We take our mission seriously, and will grow to service the expanding number of industries in Southwest Florida.

Industries served: 

- Transportation: Logistics & Warehousing                     - Retail & Consumer                                                      

- Automotive                                                                         - Industrial Manufacturing

- Broadcasting & Telecommunications                             - Biotechnology & Bioscience

- Publishing & Printing                                                         - Conference & Exhibition,

- Athletic & Outdoor                                                             - Agri-Business, Food & Beverage Processing, Animal Husbandry

- Advanced Manufacturing                                                 - Engineering: R&D: Architecture & Construction

- Arts & Design, Fashion, Furniture                                   - Advertising & Public Relations

- Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences                                     -Asset Management

- Entertainment & Digital Media                                        - Education & Knowledge Creation

- Marine: Maritime & Shipbuilding/Sporting Boats         - Aerospace: Aviation & Defense

- Financial & Professional Services                                     - Banking & Capital Markets

- Import & Export                                                                  - Technology

- Business Management & Professional Services            - Healthcare & Wellness

- Information Technology & Software                               - Hospitality: Tourism & Leisure

- Real Estate                                                                           - Government/Public Services

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Karl Kaliebe

President & Executive Director

Karl Kaliebe has always pursued entrepreneurship and corporate stewardship efforts through extensive collaboration. Karl combines that philosophy with his extensive exposure to innovation, brand management and trade during 15 years working in Asia, primarily Taiwan and China, to guide the WTCTB mission to assist Tampa’s international business exchanges.

"The pace of change in Asian society and business has promoted numerous opportunities for companies and people to rapidly advance skill sets and technical savvy.  Technological progress is now ingrained in the business mindset throughout Asia. Our goal is to help expose Tampa to such ideas in hopes of adopting a similar zeitgeist."

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Ronald Meier

Director of Communications

Ronald has extensive international experience as a trainer and business coach as well as special knowledge on psychometric personality tools. Starting his carrier in the Swiss National Bank until he reached a Master degree in Finances he soon discovered his passion for negotiating, training and consulting which resulted in holding the position of Vice President of the training department of a major Swiss Bank.

With 15 years of training and consulting experience in the banking industry, in 1996 Ronald founded the training company Siegel HR. Based in Switzerland the company has since then become an international training company for Sales, Negotiation, Intercultural Communication and Leadership, working out of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. His comprehensive knowledge in the field of personality analysis tools led him to become co-founder and expert of e-international, a company providing the Scandinavian personality tool e-stimate®. In 2015 Ronald founded the training and tool provider e-northamerica® and moved 2016 with his family to the Tampa Bay area to develop the US Market.

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Jessi Jer


Starting her professional carrier in a Swiss Bank Jessi went on to join the international training company of her parents “Siegel HR”, becoming a certified Master trainer for Sales and Negotiation as well as an accredited trainer for psychometrics profiles. She has more than 10 years of experience within the Swiss Confederations where she acted as a economist and in public relations for presence Swiss.

Jessi holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s degree in Management and Marketing from the Swiss Confederation. As Vice President of e-northamerica she is responsible for business development in the US-American market, bringing to the team the spirit of a young manager and a ten year experience as a trainer and consultant. She is also the founder of CoachTheWorld which collaborates with international companies and international influencers in many fields.

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Silvana Capaldi

Relationship expert

For over 20 years, Silvana Capaldi has delivered stellar service to countless entrepreneurs, CPA firms and other professionals in need of an effective business strategy. Her extensive background and training in sales, business, coaching and entrepreneurship means she can speak from direct experience when working with you. Because of her vast experience, Silvana has seen first-hand the benefits of creating a growth strategy environment.

Silvana is bilingual and is a citizen of the United States, Canada and Italy. This unique background and understanding of cultures makes her a valuable asset to any company involved in international business. Her strong understanding of different cultures, needs and expectations allows a business to ensure it's delivering the best possible message to all markets. Her penchant for all things communication, marketing and business development have helped clients in their growth goals.

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Deborah Wilkinson

Director of Government Relations

She has over 25 years of experience with diplomacy, protocol, trade and commerce as executive director of Tampa Bay Trade & Protocol Council; Chief Development Officer of Broward County Economic Development; and Deputy Trade Representative for the State of Washington.  Recipient of Institute of International Education "Generational Study Abroad" award and United Nations through WTC of Miami "International Woman of the Year" award.

Deborah is also the Founder of Wilkinson Global Connections, LLC which collaborates with global governments, academia, American Chambers of Commerce and businesses to grow the Global economy in local, regional, state and America.

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Sven Boermeester

Director of Middle East & Africa Initiatives

Sven is a global, publishing entrepreneur with a career that spans 20 years visiting more than 100 countries. He was born in Antwerp, Belgium and grew up in Durban South Africa. Soon after he completed his business studies in Cape Town he opened his first media company publishing the trade and industry directories for South Africa followed by launching the Best of the World publishing series in Dubai.

Fast forward 20 years and 171 'Best of' editions across 60 countries later he has made Tampa Bay his final city of choice to live. His in-depth knowledge of the world and contacts especially in Africa, the Middle East, and India are an asset to helping connect Tampa Bay to the rest of world.

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Sabaresh Krishnan

Social Media Consultant & Web Designer

Sabaresh Krishnan is the Social Media Consultant and Web Designer for the World Trade Center of Tampa Bay. Using turnaround strategies he helps improve business efficiency and productivity. 

He filed his first provisional patent when he was 22. He holds another utility patent as "pending" with his upcoming mobile application. With the WTC Tampa's new education initiatives he created FlipSetter Academy (online subsidiary of FlipSetter) to bring awareness of the digital pivot as a new line of services to the World Trade Center of Tampa. He majored in Biomedical Science and Biophysics with a dual Masters degree in business specializing in Applied Technologies.

He signed on to be a social media consultant to help with out business strategies, and as the CEO of FlipSetter he is a technology partner with the World Trade Center of Tampa. His expertise is in the art of communication through presentation and technology. He is also a prolific researcher at the prestigious University of Florida. You can learn more about his story here -  link

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