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Connect with our local and international community.


Membership Tiers

Membership in the World Trade Center Tampa Bay gives preferred access to our programs and services as well as WTCA members worldwide.

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For those looking to learn and act in global trade with the World Trade Center Tampa Bay.

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For emerging global businesses that looks to make connections and engage in training opportunities. 

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For expanding global businesses growth strategies and involvement in socialization solutions.

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For established global businesses looking for promotional and sponsorship opportunities.

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Global Sponsor

Tailored solutions for larger organizations with multiple employees.

Comparison of Memberships


- Access to our members only newsletter 

- Opportunities of networking B2B with Florida businesses 

- Events Access to members only events 

- Training opportunities  (Reduce Fee 30%)

- Access to WTCA Events 

- Access to member portal and referrals 


- Delegate Benefits plus

- Individual benefits 

- Website Recognition 

- Promote your business in our public newsletter once a year

- International B2B opportunities 

- Events Access to members only events 

- Basic Help Desk

- Training  (reduced fee 50%)

- Priority registration to in-network events. 

- Priority sponsor opportunities for In-network events 

- Global Connections through  WTC network 

- Access to leads seeking services 

- Access to speaking or training opportunities 

- Content Provider to the member portal 

- Blog and social media opportunities 


- Envoy Benefits plus 

- Newsletter Article (Advertisement) up to three times a year 

- Free events tickets 

- Priority help desk 

free training

- First to register opportunities to in-network events 

- First to sponsor opportunities for In-network events 

- Complementary advertisement on the member portal 

- Lead generation support 

- Guaranteed speaking opportunities 

- Additional Advertisement opportunities

host events 

- VIP Receptions 


- Diplomat Membership plus 

board nomination 

- Website/ social media/ newsletter recognition 

- Diplomat memberships 

Exhibitor for World Trade day, Space to talk and recognition in the program 

Global Sponsor

- Basic Help Desk 

- International Trade Missions Opportunities (In-bound and out-bound)

- International Leads 

- Access to basic data base for international trade (Providers, lawyers, brokers)

Discounted consultation for international trade 

- Website recognition 

Up to 5 times a year, companies highlight in our newsletter, Social media, and webpage 

opportunities to send promotional products to our members 

- Board nomination 

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