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First Agri Food Expo of Mexico in Tampa Accomplished

(Translation follows article.)

Successful results were obtained, since 100% of the businesses established contact with vendors and 35% have initiated negotiations to export from the country to the United States.

As a great opportunity to establish business relationships of high quality that are produced in Mexico and commercial and distribution chains of the United States, the Consulate of Mexico of Orlando organized the First Agrifood Expo of Mexico in the Port of Tampa, Florida with the coordination of the World Trade Center (WTC) and the Tampa Bay this past October 26 and 27.

Mexico is the eight producer of food in the world and its exports of agro products passed 4 billion dollars in 2002 to 50 billion in 2022, that’s why the objective is to encourage foreign trade and maritime connections between Mexico and this important port, which relies on advanced logistics and renovated facilities.

Thanks to the management of the World Trade Center and Port of Tampa, the Mexican producers had the great opportunity to have B2B meetings with 45 of their allies, distributors and buyers in Florida, with successful results since 100% of the production companies established contact with buyers and 35% have initiated negotiations to export products from Mexico to the United States.

In the opening framework of the expo, links were formalized of cooperation with the signing of two memorandums in understanding (MOU) between Karl Kaliebe, director of the WTC, and Hernan Betazos of the National Chamber of Commerce of Tapachula. The second with Roberto de Alba of the Agrifood Council of Jalisco A.C. which the objective is to promote foreign exchange.

In addition, the delegation of manufacturing companies met with the Costco and Bravo supermarkets, with a view to placing on their shelves products that are consumed by customers of Mexican restaurants and they agreed to specify information on the volume and prices, since they have export permits, respectively.

The intense agenda —carried out— was established with the vision of Consul Juan Sabines Guerrero, focused on expanding commercial opportunities, the placement of Mexican products in supermarkets, sources of financing and the relationship between the maritime ports for the opening of the import and export of products.

What will we carry out to publicize the results of the second business tour of the United States and our participation in the 1st Expo Agrifood Mexico organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Consulate in Orlando, where 3 agreements of collaboration with Supermarket Chains and Convenience Stores, as well as with the World Trade Center of Tampa Bay and the Orlando Chamber of Commerce; for the development of Jalisco suppliers and commercial exchange.

The start of the "B2B For Agribusiness" Program will also be reported, which aims to implement B2B Rooms, both in the Consulate of Mexico in Orlando, and in the Chamber of the Food Industry of Jalisco; to promote bilateral trade between the USA/Florida and Mexico/Jalisco, with Agribusiness Meetings -face-to-face and virtual- to establish agreements and conventions between buyers and producers.

They will preside over this act:

I. The Consul General of Mexico in Florida Juan Sabines Guerrero;

II. Roberto de Alba Macías President of the Jalisco Agrifood Council;

III. Antonio Lancaster Jones González President of the Chamber of the Food Industry of Jalisco;

IV. Karl Kaliebe CEO of the World Trade Center of Tampa Bay;

V. Khalid Munner President of the Orlando International Chamber of Commerce

V. Héctor Cruz Martínez Owner of Brotsons Supermarkets and H2Box Convenience Stores.

The informative appointment will be held next Wednesday, November 2 at 9:00 am on the 8th floor of the MIND Building, located at Av. Faro 2350 Colonia Verde Valle (behind the Expo Guadalajara) in the capital of Guadalajara.

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